Retention Boosters: Mastering Customer Segmentation In Email Marketing

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Tue, Feb 27th

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Shaun Reynolds
Email Postman


Shaun Reynolds, founder of, is a seasoned email marketing strategist with a rich background spanning over a decade. Starting in the travel industry, Shaun offered bespoke HTML builds and campaign strategies to maximize email campaign outcomes. His journey continued at Watchfinder, Europe’s leading pre-owned watch specialist, where he 

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Fiona Brown, Head of Pricing

Incredible value from every webinar! Very helpful in my line of work. Appreciate the effort of the Aimondo team. 

Lana Gamlen, Head of Marketing

The webinar on securing budget for data-related tools was one of the most useful ones I've ever attended. Thank you, Aimondo!

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spearheaded a data-driven email marketing strategy, focusing on customer segmentation based on geo-location, purchasing behavior, and interests. Later, as the Email Marketing Manager at ATG Media, he developed strategies across multiple portals in the UK and USA. In 2019, Shaun launched his consultancy, assisting clients with various email marketing initiatives, from acquisition to automation and customer segmentation. 

Aimondo covers topics that very few companies would. They prefer to dive deeper and help with hand-on tips vs covering the basics. 

Eduardo Garcia, Head of eCommerce

What you will learn

Customer Segmentation 101

Segmentation types, data needed to build proper customer segments. Techniques and models to use. How customer segmentation can be used in email marketing.


Three Segments You Can Try Today

Personalise your communication and enhance your engagement by using these three customer segments most often utilised in eCommerce email marketing.


How To Embed Customer Segmentation In Your Emailing Marketing

Practical hands-on tips and suggestions based on other companies best practices and success stories. 


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Imagine this: you adopt a new approach to your email marketing campaigns, and suddenly your repurchase rate goes up to 79%, while your retention rate skyrockets to 40-50%.

Magic? Far from it! This is a very achievable result with accurate customer segmentation. Knowing who your customer is, and coming up with an offer or recommendations they are more likely to accept, at the right time and in the right place — this is what customer segmentation is all about. Shaun Reynolds, a leading expert in email marketing and customer segmentation, is sharing his hands-on tips on how to set up campaigns that boost engagement and loyalty.