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Strategic Pricing & Performance Excellence Course Overview

Heinrich Mueller, the founder of Aimondo and former Head Data Management & Digital Business Development at Zoro, brings a wealth of industry knowledge to this course. With a proven track record in shaping effective pricing strategies, Heinrich uniquely blends practical expertise with innovative thinking. His leadership in the field makes him an invaluable guide in your journey to mastering strategic pricing.

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Module 1: Introduction to Strategic Pricing

Lesson 1. Basic principles of pricing, understanding the role of pricing in an organisation's overall strategy, the pricing lifecycle.

Module 2: Understanding Market and Price Segmentation

Lessons 2-4. Understanding market segmentation, price discrimination strategies, personalised pricing, and price elasticity. 

Module 3: Psychology
of Pricing

Lessons 5-8. Behavioural economics in pricing, price perception, the effect of pricing on consumer behaviour. Psychological biases and pricing. 

Module 4: Dynamic Pricing

Lessons 9-13. Concept and principles of dynamic pricing, how to implement dynamic pricing, the role of data and AI in dynamic pricing, and case studies of effective dynamic pricing strategies. 

Module 5: Cost-based and Competition-based Pricing

Lessons 14-18. Understanding costs and breakeven analysis, pricing according to market and competition, and the pros and cons of cost-based and competition-based pricing.  

Module 6: Strategic Pricing Tools and Techniques

Lessons 19-23. Advanced analytical tools for building accurate pricing strategy, including basics of data analysis, demand prediction, and predictive analytics for pricing. 

Module 7: Pricing Strategy Implementation and Management

Lessons 24-25. Creating pricing strategies. Measuring the effectiveness of pricing strategies in eCommerce. The role of pricing managers in an organisation.    

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Course Experts and Mentors

Heinrich Mueller, Founder of Aimondo

Your Pricing Expert and Mentor for Module 1

Ana Bibikova, Marketing Advisor

Ana Bibikova is a seasoned expert with over 15 years of experience in the eComm and SaaS industries. She has successfully led companies generating $4-40M in annual revenues. Ana's extensive marketing knowledge and proven strategic acumen make her a highly valued resource in learning the intricacies of strategic pricing in this course.

Your Pricing Expert and Mentor for Modules 2 & 3

Alex Rose, Phd, Tech Lead at Aimondo

Alex Rose, Tech Lead at Aimondo, harnesses his 8 years of experience in implementing AI and Machine Learning in eCommerce to inform his teaching. His expertise in tech-driven pricing strategies provides a cutting-edge perspective to the course. Alex’s blend of technical skill and strategic foresight makes him an invaluable asset for those looking to excel in strategic pricing.

Your Pricing Expert and Mentor for Modules 4 & 6

Your Pricing Expert and Mentor for Module 7

Thomas Baierlein, Head of Aimondo UK

Thomas Baierlein, Head of Aimondo UK, brings a wealth of leadership experience from roles such as VP of Online Sales at Reebok and Managing Director at Swatch, Germany. His unique blend of expertise in sales, marketing, and management offers a broad and insightful perspective on strategic pricing, making him a highly valuable instructor in this course.

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What to expect from Aimondo Academy Pricing Expert Certification Course

Comprehensive Knowledge: from basic principles to advanced techniques

Industry Expertise: learn directly from the industry leaders

Practical Skills: start implementing from the Day 1

Career Advancement: become a valuable source of information for an employer

Improve revenue: enjoy immediate positive impact on your bottom-line

Coding Skills: we don't teach how to use Python or other coding languages

Networking: this course is a self-paced and doesn't require compulsory in-class time

Entrepreneurship: this course doesn't teach how to launch your own pricing solution

Hard Selling: we avoid hard-selling any of the available products during the course

UX Training: though we cover conversion, we don't deal with design-related topics

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